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Aster Lifescience was founded in 2010 as a top Nutraceutical company in India. We are dedicated to providing high-quality Nutraceutical Tablet, Protein Powder, Dietary supplements, and Complete Nutrition products to our clients. Our goal is to make people’s lives healthier. Our Nutritional products are made using approved technology and packaged in a sterile environment. It makes them incredibly effective and available at very low prices. We have built a high reputation in the market with our vast product selection and affordable prices. Aster is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company that helps clients by fulfilling their nutritional requirements.

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We are offering various high quality gynec nutraceutical products in India. Aster Lifescience is regarded as one of the best Gynaecology Third Party Pharma Manufacturers. The gynaecology sector is the science of women. We have developed gynaecology medicines for women with female-related problems. Women's issues affect about three out of every five women. As a result, our organisation steps forward to offer a more comprehensive selection of Gynaecology products. Choose Gynaecology Contract Manufacturing in India if you want to expand your business.

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Aster offers a wide range of ready-to-use formulations for sports nutrition, children's nutrition, adult nutrition, and diabetic nutrition. We have produced great private label items in conformity with FSSAI, ISO and other regulatory compliances using our years of experience and in-house R&D lab. Before being approved for commercialization, all items have undergone extensive testing and research. These products were created using our in-house band drying, vaccum oven drying, spray drying, and dry blending capabilities.

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Aster Lifescience is a leading cardiovascular product manufacturer and supplier in India and involved in offering premium quality cardiovascular products to our clients, we are an ISO 22000:2005 Certified third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company. For more than 12 years, our organisation has provided services to the healthcare industry. We specialise in contract production and distribution of nutracutical products across the globe.

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Aster Lifescience is delighted to be connected with you as a contract manufacturing partner. Aster has developed into a qualified developer of specialised nutritional supplements with over a decade of expertise.

Nutritional supplements, also known as dietary supplements, serve an important part in maintaining a person's overall health. Nutritional supplement use has risen dramatically in recent years, owing to an increase in vitamin insufficiency issues. Correcting deficiencies and boosting the activities of internal organs with the right nutritional supplements will help you maintain optimal health. All of our nutritional supplements are made in our ISO 22000:2005 certified facility under the strictest sanitary circumstances. We ensure that the quality of our products and the reputation of your company are not compromised in this way.

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Aster Lifescience offers the best contract manufacturing services for digestive supplements. Digestive products are used on a regular basis to aid in the speeding up of chemical reactions that aid in the conversion of nutrients into compounds that your digestive system can easily absorb. Our digestive products are made with all-natural digestive components to help you enhance your digestion. Under the supervision of ISO 22000:2005 Certification, Aster Lifescience creates a variety of digestive supplements. Furthermore, as the best Digestive Supplements Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in India, we distribute our products throughout the country. The company meets its deadlines by delivering a wide selection of digestive products. For better digestive pharma manufacturing services, connect with us.

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More than 15 years of un paralleled experience in the Industry. ...


We offer high quality FSSAI and GMP certified products ...


Aster is an ISO certified company trusted by many Customers. ...



We provide high-quality products that go above and beyond what our customers expected. All of our products are made in facilities that are ISO certified. Our entire organisation is structured to support the highest quality measurements and maintain quality controls at all times, with quality as the measuring unit of performance.



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Prioritizing the safety of our products and customers. Putting our customers and consumers at the centre of our operations Compliance of environmental, health, and safety regulations.

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