Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Aster Lifescience is counted as top nutraceutical manufacturers in India. We supply premium quality nutritional supplements to some of the most well-known nutrition brands in the market. We are one of India’s most reputable nutritional supplement manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is capable to produce high-quality supplement products. We have a team of qualified professionals for creating the best quality, safe, effective, and innovative nutraceutical products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our production method is exemplary, as it leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that you receive a superior product always. We value hard effort, dedication, and trust.

Benefits of Nutraceutical Supplements

The nutritional properties of Nutraceutical supplements prevent chronic diseases. It can also help you live longer, and healthier, slow down the aging process and prevent many diseases. It also maintains the structure and function of your body. Furthermore, nutraceuticals may have nutritional and therapeutic impacts on oxidative stress-related conditions. They are effective for allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, immunological and inflammatory, as well as obesity.

Best Quality Nutraceutical Supplements

Nutraceutical supplements are becoming increasingly popular around the world. These are mainly used to improve health, prevent disease, and increase stamina & energy levels. We as leading Nutraceutical manufacturers in India, provide a variety of nutritional supplements. Our supplements are developed to deliver vital elements such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that may not be practicable to ingest in adequate amounts every day.

Nutraceutical Product Manufacturers in India

Many major and small businesses do not manufacture their own nutraceutical products and instead rely on third party manufacturers, thus Aster Lifescience, Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India, has taken the initiative to boost health by introducing its various range of premium-quality nutraceutical products. The product is made in accordance with WHO and ISO norms. Our products have been approved by DCGI, ensuring that they are of high quality. In order to maintain the product’s overall quality, we produce it using superior quality and natural raw materials. Our manufacturing operations are well equipped with ultra-edge machinery and other improved technology that help us deliver the highest quality supplements to you. Third-party manufacturing is always advantageous for businesses that do not want to take on a load of product development, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing. It’s a simple concept that many businesses use for growth.


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Apart from the best quality Nutraceutical products, Support services,  Good packaging, and Logistic services, Our Clients also enjoy many other quality services that are helpful to grow their business in the healthcare market.

Convenient Production Facilities  – Establishing your own production plant, setting up machinery and other assets, manufacturing products, maintaining quality, handling labor, and getting quality approval from officials are more expensive than outsourcing to top nutraceutical manufacturers in India.

Business Opportunity – Outsourcing product manufacturing means getting more time for business expansion and sales. Now you have no worries about production and you can focus on the marketing of products and getting more business.

Product Quality – By outsourcing product manufacturing, you may reach a larger market by offering the best quality nutritional products made by third party nutraceutical manufacturers.

Support Services – We have a team of qualified professionals, who are experts in their respective fields. Each and every professional have the necessary required experience in the nutraceutical industry. Besides good product quality, they can also help you to gain and target a new market. Our customer support service is always ready to provide more visibility and expand your business.

Nutraceutical Third Party Manufacturers

Aster Lifescience offers a wide range of Nutritional products at market-leading prices. All of the products we produce are made of high-quality raw materials. That is the reason we are known as most reputable and leading Nutraceutical third party manufacturer In India. We handle the whole production process of nutritional products by ourselves because we believe in quality. Moreover, our products are made as per the latest quality standards and are globally approved, as we adhere to all WHO requirements.

Our R&D team continuously works for the benefit of the end-user and efficiently analyzes each product’s benefits and long-term effects on health since we have high-quality nutraceutical products. Our highly skilled and experienced team works dedicatedly to provide our clients with a high-quality assortment of Nutraceutical product solutions. For us, quality is the top priority, and we aim to meet the highest quality standards possible.

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We are committed to offering affordable manufacturing processes with high-quality nutritional products to our clients. We also provide a cost-effective Nutraceutical supplement manufacturing service in India, however, this does not imply that the supplements’ quality is compromised. For many years, we are providing our nutraceutical manufacturing services successfully and flourishing by offering the best products to our clients both nationally and internationally.

At Aster Lifescience, you’ll always get the best-quality products at the market-leading price. In addition, we provide third party and contract manufacturing services for a variety of healthcare and nutraceutical products. Aster Lifescience is counted as a leading name among the nutraceutical manufacturers in India in the nutraceutical supplement market.

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