Mouth Dissolving Tablet Manufacturer


Aster Lifescience is a leading mouth dissolving tablet manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we offer premium quality mouth dissolving tablet supplements at best price. We use advanced formulation and modern equipment that are GMP and ISO certified to produce premium quality mouth dissolving tablets. Furthermore, our team is knowledgeable and experienced enough to provide effective mouth dissolving supplement solutions. Our supplement products are easy to dissolve and helpful for instant energy. They are made using various vitamins and supplements. We also provide manufacturing solutions for given product as per customer requirements at different dossage and formulations.


1. Vitamin B12 ,Folic Acid,Pyridoxine ,Vit.D3 Tablelt

2. Vitamin B12,L-methyl folate calcium,Pyridoaxal-5-phosphate,Vit.D3 tablet

3. Vitamin B12,L-methyl folate calcium,Pyridoaxal-5-phosphate,Vit.D3,Biotin tablet