Protein Powder Manufacturers in Gujarat

Known as the leading protein powder manufacturers in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. We are offering a wide range of ready-to-use protein supplements for sports nutrition, children’s nutrition, adult nutrition, and diabetic nutrition. We are manufacturing great private-label protein powder in conformity with FSSAI and other regulatory compliances using our years of experience and in-house R&D lab. Before being approved for commercialization, all supplements have undergone extensive testing and research. These products are passed under strict quality supervision. They are created using our in-house band drying, vacuum oven drying, spray drying, and dry blending capabilities.

Our protein Powder Supplement Manufacturing Option

Aster Lifescience is pleased to provide you with a wide range of protein powder manufacturing alternatives. Don’t see what you’re looking for from our list? Give us a message or call, and one of our representatives will gladly assist you!


1. Protein, Multivitamin, Minerals, DHA

2. Protein Powder, Multivitamin, Minerals Specialized Nutrients for Kids

3. Protein Powder, Multivitamin, Minerals, DHA, GLA, Lycopene, Specialized Nutrients for Pregnancy and Lactation

4. Sugar-Free Protein Powder, Multivitamin, Minerals, DHA

5. Specially for Orthopedic Protein Powder, Multivitamin, Minerals

Factors Affecting the Cost of Protein Powder Supplements

We understand that the competitive price for your protein supplement requirement is important for you. Aster lifescience can help you with that courtesy of our industry experience and knowledge as a protein powder manufacturers in Gujarat. We make sure that the aspects that can make or break the “worth” of your supplement are taken into account during the protein supplement manufacturing process:

Best IngredientsРGood protein sources and raw ingredients are the foundation of a high-quality supplement. Aster Lifescience understands this, which is why we only work with certified and high-quality vendors.

Quality Only high-quality components with a clear benefit or purpose are included in your protein powder supplements. Excess coloring, artificial sweeteners, and thickening agents are avoided since they change the supplement’s look or amount but do nothing to improve its quality or effectiveness.

Expert Protein Powder Supplement Manufacturers

Our in-house food scientists that are certified in flavours can assist you in creating a unique protein powder composition that is second to none. Best Protein production steps, quality and efforts might assist your company in making a reputed name for itself in the supplement sector.

We can develop organic protein powder supplements that are best for your business and have the appropriate flavour and nutrient balance. For example, Fruit flavours are the best for sports nutrition as they complement for acidic taste profile. But they are not ideal for green powders. We use chocolate or vanilla flavours to make these types of supplements. On the other hand, Plant proteins are often devoid of citrus flavours due to the absence of acidity in the formula and the texture. We generally use flavours like vanilla, chocolate and other dessert flavours because plant proteins are typically rigid, foamy and hefty.

Contact The Best Protein Powder Manufacturers in Gujarat

We have over 15 years of expertise in the nutraceutical sector, so we know how much money, time, and effort goes into manufacturing a premium quality protein powder supplement. Our expert team will work more than any other protein powder manufacturers in Gujarat to understand your requirements and goals. You can choose Aster Lifescience as your permanent protein powder supplement provider.

However, we feel Aster Lifescience has a number of distinct benefits over the other protein powder manufacturers:

  • One-Stop Services
  • Customized Flavour
  • GMP Certified Facilities
  • Rapid Production
  • Best Quality