We are reckoned as leading osteo care manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, our product is enriched with calcium & other nutrition offers high strength. Bone health is essential for all of us. Get extra assistance for your bone health with our osteocare solution. Our osteocare solution is made with unique nutrients and calcium to assist men and women of all ages maintain normal, healthy bones. It’s a specifically formulated source of several nutrients that help maintain normal bones, as well as key co-factors like Vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium, all of which help you keep a healthy lifestyle..



1. Cissus Quadragularis,Vitex nirgundo,Alfalfa,Vitamin D3,Serrata,Dalbergia sissoo ext. tablet

2. Calcium,Vitamin d3,Vitamin K2-7,Magnesium,Manganese,zinc,copper,boron tablet

3. Coral Calcium,Vitamin D3 Tablet

4. Calcium Aspartate,Vit.D3,Magnesium,Zinc Tablet

5. Calcium Citrate,Folic Acid,Zinc, Vitamin K2-7 tablet

6. Cissus Quadrangularis,Calcium,Vitamin K2-7,Vit.d3 tablet

7. Chondroitin sulfate,Hyaluronic Acid,Glucosamie,Collagen Peptides,MSM,Vit.C tablet

8. Glucosamine,MSM,Vit.C tablet

9. Boswllia serrata,Glucosamine,MSM,Vitamin C tablet

10. Calcium citrate malate,Cissus Quadragularis,L-methyl folate,Vit.D3,Vit.K2-7,Rosehil Ext.,Bosewellia Serrata tablet

11. Calcium Citrate Malate,Vit.K2-7,EPA,DHA,Lycopen,Vit.B12 tablet

12. Calcium,Vit.B6,Folic Acid,Vit.B12,Vit.D3 tablet

13. Calcium Citrate,Vit.D3 Chewable tablet

14. Calcium,Vit. D3,Zinc ,Magnesium Suspension