Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer

Aster Lifescience is a leading nutritional supplements manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, providing a wide range of premium quality nutritional supplements. We are delighted to be connected with you as a contract manufacturing partner. Aster has developed into a qualified developer of specialized nutritional supplements with over a decade of expertise.

Best Quality Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements, also known as dietary supplements, serve an important part in maintaining a person’s overall health. Nutritional supplement use has risen dramatically in recent years, owing to an increase in vitamin insufficiency issues. Correcting deficiencies and boosting the activities of internal organs with the right nutritional supplements will help you maintain optimal health. All of our nutritional supplements are made in our ISO-certified facility under the strictest sanitary circumstances. We ensure that we will provide the best quality nutraceutical products to fulfil your requirement.

Choose The Best Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer

As a research firm, our goal is to help you satisfy your consumers’ expectations by lowering costs and shortening delivery times. We ensure that everything, from the manufacture to the labelling, complies with the regulatory authorities’ criteria. Simply, we do not cut back when it comes to the quality of our products. Known as a reputed nutritional supplements manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we offer the best nutritional product solutions to clients.


1. Multi Vitamins,Multi minerals,Grape seed Ext. tablet

2. Amino Acid,Anti oxidant,Multi Vitamins,Multi Minerals Tablet

3. Lycopene,Beta Carotene,Green tea Ext.,Lutein,Ginseng,Multivitamin,Multiminerals Capsules

4. Multivitamin,Vit.C,D,B12,Biotin,Zinc,Selenium Chewable Tablets.

5. Multi Vitamins,Multi minerals syrup

6. Lycopene,Multi Vitamins,Multi minerals syrup

7. Multi Vitamins,Multi minerals drop

8. Vitamin D3 Drop

9. Vitamin B12,Niacinamide,Folic Acid drop